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John Smedley Autumn Winter 2019
Autumn Winter 2019 John Smedley - from Gabucci Menswear Bath


Described as a love letter to British manufacturing, John Smedley’s Autumn Winter 2019 Collection is inspired …

Taking inspiration from the 2000 film ‘In the Mood for Love’ by Wong Kar-Wai, the film’s highly stylised visuals have informed both the colour palette and the unique patterns developed for this season, with shades of vibrant reds and oranges juxtaposed against a stormy palette of deep blues, greys and purples.

Each colour story depicting the moods of the film such as love, loneliness, desire, yearning, and both the first stages of new love and the last stages of a lost love.

Patterns have been created using the film’s visual cues for yearning and desire such as a lone figure silhouetted within a window frame, a couple walking steps apart along long corridors and stealing glances across stairwells, these cues have been used as inspiration to create intricate jacquards that feature across both the men’s and womenswear collections.

New silhouettes have also been added, with elegance and outfit layering at their core, key pieces such as a double breasted jacket, signature fitted skirt and sleek bomber jackets all form a new focal point for the season’s collection.

The mood of the collection can be visualised through the fashion capsules or through the elevated and contemporary classic stripes, all of which have been designed to work alongside both fashion and the classics as a way to illustrate John Smedley’s ‘Mood for Love’ for the Autumn/Winter 19 season.

Shot on location in our home in Lea Mills. Derbyshire as our very own love letter to British manufacturing.