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Winter 2020, our brands, styles and colours


Ali talks about this Winter season at Gabucci, Christmas gifts and about the 2021 wedding season.

We’re still doing bright colours when it comes to shirts. And the sizes, again, we go up from sizes Small to 4XL. So there’s always something to buy for him, for a surprise.


At Gabucci our role is as ever to make you look as good as possible and now that extends to online as well as in store sales. A big part of that is to provide you with advice via email or phone to help you find exactly the right clothes that fit perfectly and are not going to be seen everywhere. This goes for buying for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

Much of our stock is unique to us where source our fabrics, choose the patterns, trimmings and buttons and have the garments produced in Europe, mostly Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany to create our own distinctive short runs. We keep the colours warm and use distinctive patterns and contrasting trimming on many items to create unique and stylish clothes to be proud of. 

Where you are able to visit us, we tailor them in-house to fit you perfectly, otherwise we can change fit as a postal service where required.

In addition, we stock the latest collection of iconic Claudi Lugli shirts and hand made John Smedley knitwear and in particular their wonderful Merino wool garments to keep you warm this winter and the coming spring. We are adding more to the range over the next few weeks too.

If you would like to find out more, come and visit us if you can or if not use our contact form to get in touch or give us a call.

A copy of the video transcript is below

Autumn/Winter 2020, we’ve had a long, long summer during the COVID. And the business obviously was shut for four months. But fortunately, we managed to survive it. We opened up, and we managed to get our Autumn/Winter stock as we all did before, because it takes something like eight, nine months to produce it.

We’re still doing bright colours when it comes to shirts, the jackets, the trousers, the socks. We’re still keeping the image very bright and colourful. And the sizes, again, we go up from sizes Small to 4XL, so any size, any age. And we still decided to keep the fabrics very lightweight, because the winter seems to be getting shorter. And we’ve got a lot of our wedding outfits. So we’re hoping from after Christmas, people will start getting married, and the weddings will be back to normal again.

We’re producing our own merchandise. We buy our own fabric. We get them designed for us, our own label. So they’re all produced mainly in European countries, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, and very limited quantity, and that’s why we’ve got variety. There’s always something for any age, any size.

And we’re still carrying on with our Smedley. We’ve got the fine Merino wool again for Autumn/Winter. We produce our own cashmere knitwear and the waistcoats, especially, and the gilet are very fashionable. So a lot of our jackets, we seek to have a little bit of trimming on them with a nice waistcoat, so you could make it smart, but wear it as a sport jacket, casually.

We’ve got our own shirts, overcoats, jackets. They all produce for us our own suits, our own labels. So we managed to get 80% of it back into UK. And this time of year, we do very well with our leather jackets. And our scarfs, we do very well with our scarf this time of year. Apart from being a nice accessory, a lot of people intend to buy it as a Christmas present as well.

It is a nice, colourful, easy Christmas present to buy, because everybody intends to wear a scarf during the winter. And the belts, again, we do very nice colourful belts and nice leather. So there’s always something for somebody, especially for Christmas coming, because you get after so many years of marriage, you don’t know what to get the guys, so there’s always something to buy for him, for a surprise.