Definitely time to dress up for dinner!
Bath wedding photograph by Heart full of Tea at the Victoria Art Gallery



Victoria Art Gallery

According to The New York Times, dressing up for dinner is back. Well what is good enough for the Big Apple surely applies to Bath just as well and we have the perfect clothes for you to dress up in!

And it is also another great excuse to show some of the pics from the shoot we’ve just been involved in for Victoria Art Gallery, here in Bath.

OK the flowers are a give away that the shoot was about weddings, but you can imagine how fab they would look out for dinner in one of Bath’s excellent restaurants too.


Jacket and pumps!

Everyone else involved in the Victoria Art Gallery wedding shoot is listed below. We really enjoyed being part of it, thank you to everyone involved.

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Venue: @bathshistoricvenues #VictoriaArtGallery




@loakeshoemakers & @thebroguetrader





Styling by @sarahfrombath, make-up and hair by @sophiecoxmakeup, @abigailconstanzahair