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Roy Robson winter suits
Roy Robson suit selection from Gabucci, Bath


Most of our suits are quite bespoke, we choose the fabrics and finishings and fit with everything made in Europe from either Scottish or Italian wool. We order only one combination per size so everything is pretty unique and very special, but sometimes that isn’t the most practical approach and here we have Roy Robson jackets and suits as an excellent alternative.

Roy Robson, a well recognised German label, is the exception. We are able to provide a more off the peg solution as they produce their stock to mix and match so that a combination of items, can make a very flexible office wardrobe quickly and easily. We can pick jackets, trousers and waistcoats that either match or work well together to build a capsule wardrobe for travel, for specific types of meeting etc.

Roy Robson suit selection from Gabucci, Bath

The quality and design is superb as you’d expect from any garment from Gabucci, and they share our commitment to making the products as environmentally friendly as possible and reducing the carbon footprint of supply as much as possible.

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