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Weddings, new rules and making sure your male guests look their best.

Whilst we cannot help on the wedding planning, we can help dress the groom and male guests, and fit our services to your plans. We can advise on dress, colours and styles for any number of guests and always provide a fitting service. Even emergency tailoring if needed!

Make us part of your wedding plan and you will have the best dressed men you could imagine.

A tip, if you are keeping the numbers smaller, it really helps if guests can achieve a harmonious look. This not only helps your wedding photographs look good but also gives your guests confidence and helps them feel comfortable in these rather uncertain times. It is far easier to be over or underdressed in a large group but with smaller numbers and rules we all must follow, setting a dress code or style can help everyone feel part of your special day.


We appreciate how frustrating it is to be unsure of how many guests you can invite, arranging the venue and entertainment and everyone arranging travel.

We now know that the limit of 30 people at weddings in England comes to an end on June 21st. Social distancing will still need to be met and the venue can only seat six at each table but as long as there is space available, large groups can meet and celebrate the big day.

We are expecting the demand for weddings to be extremely busy as everyone can now start to bring their dreams to fruition. Come and speak to us as early as you can, either in store or just give us a call. We can give useful advice or if you have any queries, we will try our best to help.

Also if plans change, we can help, we can adapt and work with you to meet your requirements if the situation and rules change.

We have been dressing grooms and male guests in Bath for decades. No one does it better.

For more information on the current rules and what is and what isn’t allowed, along with good advice, this article in today’s Telegraph is very helpful.

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Essential suits for school, prom and family events.

School and Prom suite from Gabucci Bath

Suits for school, prom and other social events and that all important interview. Oh and family weddings too!

It is great to be able to help the next generation learn about fabrics, fashion and to love and appreciate quality and attention to detail.

We didn’t really expect that to go quite so young but we are now providing quality suits for young men and senior school children.

This is something we’ve been asked to provide for a long time. We’ve provided smaller designer suits occasionally to order for weddings and prom events but these tend to be an expensive alternative for most of us.

So we’ve introduced a new range of suits in navy or charcoal with optional matching waistcoat. The suits are perfect for senior school, where appropriate for the school’s dress code. They are also perfect for smart events, particularly family events such as weddings and of course school social events such as proms. They also make very good interview suits.

These are only available in store, at least to begin with, as we want to make sure fit is perfect and where alterations are needed, we can arrange, often the same day. You can see them here on the site but for now we are using stock shots (courtesy Adobe Stock) rather than our own photography. We will ad our pics soon but these will give you a good idea of the suits.

The suits start from £250 for a two piece in either Navy or Charcoal and got up to £300 with a spare pair of trousers, usually a good investment. Alternatively, we can supply the three piece for £300 and £350 including a spare pair of trousers. Trousers on their own are £70.

The suits are beautifully made in this country to our usual standards but we have selected a harder wearing fabric, 50% wool, 48% polyester with 2% lycra which will stand up to the rigours well that these suits may be put through.

The suits are on display in the store from Saturday 19th June and ready to be ordered for fast delivery in any size we don’t currently have in stock. The sizes are chest from 36″ to 44″ and waist from 30″ to 38″.

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A new addition to our services and just in time for Father’s Day.

Gift cards and vouchers from Gabucci Bath

We’ve re-opened following lockdown with new stock from most of our suppliers ready and waiting for you in store and online.

We’ve also added a new service which is a very simple extension to our online virtual gift card.

We’ve added a traditional paper gift voucher you can buy in store or we can post to you or the recipient.

Our online gift card has been a real success but with the store open again we wanted to give the opportunity for your friends and family to choose their gift in store and receive the service that we are famous for but can only be delivered in person.

And this is just in time for Father’s Day, and any other day that ends to be remembered but you’re not quite sure what to get. Our online virtual gift card or traditional gift voucher could be just what you need!

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Winter 2020, our brands, styles and colours, and the upcoming 2021 wedding season at Gabucci

Ali talks about this Winter season at Gabucci, Christmas gifts and about the 2021 wedding season.

We’re still doing bright colours when it comes to shirts. And the sizes, again, we go up from sizes Small to 4XL. So there’s always something to buy for him, for a surprise.


At Gabucci our role is as ever to make you look as good as possible and now that extends to online as well as in store sales. A big part of that is to provide you with advice via email or phone to help you find exactly the right clothes that fit perfectly and are not going to be seen everywhere. This goes for buying for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

Much of our stock is unique to us where source our fabrics, choose the patterns, trimmings and buttons and have the garments produced in Europe, mostly Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany to create our own distinctive short runs. We keep the colours warm and use distinctive patterns and contrasting trimming on many items to create unique and stylish clothes to be proud of. 

Where you are able to visit us, we tailor them in-house to fit you perfectly, otherwise we can change fit as a postal service where required.

In addition, we stock the latest collection of iconic Claudi Lugli shirts and hand made John Smedley knitwear and in particular their wonderful Merino wool garments to keep you warm this winter and the coming spring. We are adding more to the range over the next few weeks too.

If you would like to find out more, come and visit us if you can or if not use our contact form to get in touch or give us a call.

A copy of the video transcript is below

Continue reading Winter 2020, our brands, styles and colours, and the upcoming 2021 wedding season at Gabucci
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Where do our suits and knitwear come from?

We’re very proud at Gabucci of the clothes we sell, whether produced for us or from brands like John Smedley and we are particularly proud of how they are made.

It’s important that natural materials are used and clothes are produced sustainably and with as little impact on the environment as possible. Key to this is the humble sheep, key to much of Britain’s past wealth and heritage and a familiar site in our local Cotswold hills.

So this video is dedicated to the beginnings of most of our suits and knitwear, the sheep and the start of the process of creating a wool garment.

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We’ve just completed a large expansion our range of John Smedley Merino Wool available online – we’ve also increased the amount of stock in store, please check out what’s new.

We’ve expanded our range of John Smedley Merino Wool available online – check out what’s new.

If you want the finest Merino wool tops then you should be looking at John Smedley and Gabucci for the best range available. Purchase in store or online for quick delivery. To see the expanded range we offer, click here

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Spring and summer 2020, our summer crease free jackets and options for summer trousers here at Gabucci

Ali talks about the new season in terms of lightweight summer jackets that are easy to look after and extremely practical.

Gabucci is all about colour and fit, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be casual.


At Gabucci our role is to make you look as good as possible but we also want to make sure the clothes we sell suit you and your lifestyle too.

We are well known for sourcing our fabrics and choosing the patterns, trimmings and buttons to create our own distinctive short runs. For summer collections we also add a range of jackets that look indistinguishable from linen but are much easier to care for and wear casually. And we match these with summer trousers, shorts and jeans to provide a casual staple that will last for years. 

As with our suits, they are usually colourful and individual with delightful touches to make the clothes special. And we can tailor them in-house to fit you perfectly though with a more relaxed fit and stretch materials in the trousers, these can be more suited to wear off the peg.

If you would like to find out more, come and visit us if you can or if not use our contact form to get in touch or give us a call.