Gift vouchers ready for Christmas treats

Gabucci virtual gift card

The perfect gift for every man, a Gabucci gift card that can be used online or in store toward a purchase of his choice at any point. We offer vouchers at £50, £100, £150, £200 and £250. Click for more info

Pantherella Socks Scarf Collection

Pantherella make fabulous socks which we are proud to stock and we are thinking about stocking their scarfs too. It wasn’t possible to arrange this year but we do sell a great range of scarfs and would be very interested to add Pantherella ones for next year, so if you’d like us stock them, let […]

Pantherella Socks Classic Collection

Pantherella make undoubtedly stylish and comfortable socks that every man will enjoy wearing but this collection celebrates the classics, timeless socks in more muted colours. We do stock the classics but online we concentrate on their brighter lines.

Pantherella socks now available online!

Pantherella Socks from Gabucci Menswear Bath

Pantherella socks now available online!   We are really pleased to announce that you can now buy Pantherella luxurious English socks online here We’ve only added a few for now and there are many more to see in store but we have selected some of our favourite designs for you to choose from if you […]

A bit about Pantherella socks

Pantherella - Gabucci Menswear Bath

Made in Leicester since 1937, Pantherella is a perfect example of the clothing manufacturers we choose to stock at Gabucci, here in Bath. We look for clothes that are beautifully made from the finest cotton, wool, cashmere and silk. And we look for highly individual takes on classic designs. Pantherella deliver everything you could want […]