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Suits for school.


School and Prom suite from Gabucci Bath

Suits for school, prom and other social events and that all important interview. Oh and family weddings too!

It is great to be able to help the next generation learn about fabrics, fashion and to love and appreciate quality and attention to detail.

We didn’t really expect that to go quite so young but we are now providing quality suits for young men and senior school children.

This is something we’ve been asked to provide for a long time. We’ve provided smaller designer suits occasionally to order for weddings and prom events but these tend to be an expensive alternative for most of us.

So we’ve introduced a new range of suits in navy or charcoal with optional matching waistcoat. The suits are perfect for senior school, where appropriate for the school’s dress code. They are also perfect for smart events, particularly family events such as weddings and of course school social events such as proms. They also make very good interview suits.

These are only available in store, at least to begin with, as we want to make sure fit is perfect and where alterations are needed, we can arrange, often the same day. You can see them here on the site but for now we are using stock shots (courtesy Adobe Stock) rather than our own photography. We will ad our pics soon but these will give you a good idea of the suits.

The suits start from £250 for a two piece in either Navy or Charcoal and got up to £300 with a spare pair of trousers, usually a good investment. Alternatively, we can supply the three piece for £300 and £350 including a spare pair of trousers. Trousers on their own are £70.

The suits are beautifully made in this country to our usual standards but we have selected a harder wearing fabric, 50% wool, 48% polyester with 2% lycra which will stand up to the rigours well that these suits may be put through.

The suits are on display in the store from Saturday 19th June and ready to be ordered for fast delivery in any size we don’t currently have in stock. The sizes are chest from 36″ to 44″ and waist from 30″ to 38″.