Weddings and new rules.


Weddings, new rules and making sure your male guests look their best.

Whilst we cannot help on the wedding planning, we can help dress the groom and male guests, and fit our services to your plans. We can advise on dress, colours and styles for any number of guests and always provide a fitting service. Even emergency tailoring if needed!

Make us part of your wedding plan and you will have the best dressed men you could imagine.

A tip, if you are keeping the numbers smaller, it really helps if guests can achieve a harmonious look. This not only helps your wedding photographs look good but also gives your guests confidence and helps them feel comfortable in these rather uncertain times. It is far easier to be over or underdressed in a large group but with smaller numbers and rules we all must follow, setting a dress code or style can help everyone feel part of your special day.


We appreciate how frustrating it is to be unsure of how many guests you can invite, arranging the venue and entertainment and everyone arranging travel.

We now know that the limit of 30 people at weddings in England comes to an end on June 21st. Social distancing will still need to be met and the venue can only seat six at each table but as long as there is space available, large groups can meet and celebrate the big day.

We are expecting the demand for weddings to be extremely busy as everyone can now start to bring their dreams to fruition. Come and speak to us as early as you can, either in store or just give us a call. We can give useful advice or if you have any queries, we will try our best to help.

Also if plans change, we can help, we can adapt and work with you to meet your requirements if the situation and rules change.

We have been dressing grooms and male guests in Bath for decades. No one does it better.

For more information on the current rules and what is and what isn’t allowed, along with good advice, this article in today’s Telegraph is very helpful.