Environmentally friendly garments
Sustainable fashion from Gabucci Bath


This could be entitled more environmentally friendly garments as we keep increasing the number of labels committed to being environmentally responsible, using recycled fibres and cutting energy usage.

We’ve talked about John Smedley in previous posts about traceability with British Wool but we’d like to introduce a new range of bamboo socks and tell you more about two longstanding labels in this post.

Swole Panda make a range of environmentally friendly products and we have started with their bamboo socks. These are lovely to wear, of great quality, great colours and long lasting and packaging is recycled card.

Gardeur is a well known German label whose trousers, especially cords, we have sold for many years. They are well known for their attention to detail and quality but they also take great care to reduce their impact on the environment in their manufacturing process.

Each pair of trousers is manufactured in gardeur’s production facility under strict ecological standards. Our factories are located near Tunis, Tunisia. We have been producing there for 45 years and provide transparent and fair wages. We fight for high social standards, education, tolerance and equal rights for women and men.

At Gardeur, the idea of reduction begins in the development phase. Optimized and customer-focused collections provide less overproduction and lead to less resource consumption.

Due to the location of our production facilities, the transport routes are short, effective and sustainable. Our intelligent logistics management ensures there will be as few empty runs as possible. Also, computer-aided layerpattern optimisation and digital development processes in the design department lower material waste and create maximum efficiency.

A number of our suppliers are starting to use recycled cotton and Gardeur even uses recycled polyester mainly obtained from melted PET bottles. And like some of our other European suppliers, they refuse the water from the finishing process with their own purification plant.

And finally, Giordano shirts whose wonderful shirts are all produced in Europe.

In this way, we limit the impact of transport on the environment. Together with our factories, we think about using the most sustainable and high-quality materials, which results in less waste. Giordano promises that they will continue to optimise all business processes, such as production methods and material choices. Giordano strives to make all business processes more sustainable.