John Smedley sustainable
Sustainable fashion John Smedley from Gabucci Bath


Ali talks about traceability and sustainability from John Smedley wool products.

It’s becoming more and more important to offer a choice of high quality items in fashion that are sustainable and produced in a caring and environmentally friendly manner and John Smedley is a label we are very keen to promote on both the quality and sustainable fronts.

As you view our products or come into the store for a visit you will see more and more ethically produced, quality garments. In the main we are looking to source items that are looking to reduce energy and plastics wherever possible in their manufacture but also we are starting to introduce clothes that include recycled cotton in their fibres.

John Smedley, though, take this further than most with every item from British wool traceable back to the farm, and even the individual sheep. This is a level of care and responsibility we fully encourage and support and e are proud to be one of their main stockists in the UK.

The video below is by John Smedley and shows a little of the history and process.

We also have another, earlier blog post about where are clothes come from and this one covers wool, particularly on shearing, which is well worth a look, also from John Smedley.