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Are the 80’s back in weddings and is rock chic couture here to stay?
Victoria Art Gallery Wedding Shoot


Victoria Art Gallery

According to The New York Times, post pandemic lockdown’s, epic dresses and huge cakes are back.

We’ve just been involved in a shoot for Victoria Art Gallery, here in Bath and we provided the clothes for the grooms. Both models look great but when the bride wears her leather motorbike style jacket too, she does look amazing.

Jacket and pumps!

The UK wedding season is just starting and we specialise in fitting the groom and his friends and relations for many weddings. We love the diversity that is becoming more and more part of celebrations as well as every day life.


The number of weddings planned for this year is expected to be a record and with couples having more time to plan, here as in the US, the pandemic has given couples more time –

“to dream, budget and save for their grand celebration”

Renée Sabo, a wedding planner and the owner of Urban Soirée in Boston.

With a return to, let’s not say over the top dresses, but certainly statement dresses for the bride, it is essential the groom and his party compliment the overall look of the wedding. In terms of male guests, this is our field of expertise. We are very used to working with couples, wedding planners and family to make sure everything is right, and we always have a tailor on standby.

Our tips for the bride are consider lace, puff sleeves and even full ball gowns, but do consider the weight, something you can wear comfortably for long hours with good movement will make the event more enjoyable.

Male or female, a bad fit is stressful and tiring, that is something we can certainly help the guys with. Most important of all, enjoy your day.

Everyone else involved in the Victoria Art Gallery wedding shoot is listed below. We really enjoyed being part of it, thank you to everyone involved.

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Styling by @sarahfrombath, make-up and hair by @sophiecoxmakeup, @abigailconstanzahair