Our sustainability scheme is ‘fit for purpose’
John Smedley wool at Gabucci Bath


A report in EDIE this week reported that many fashion sustainability schemes are ‘not fit for purpose’. At Gabucci, we understand the challenges of producing clothes that are genuinely environmentally friendly and we have to be honest that the producers we work with are all at the luxury end of the market and not needing to produce garments cheaply and with a limited lifespan.

Even so it is very important to us as a retailer that the stock we sell has, wherever possible, been produced ethically, sustainably and responsibly and we are moving to increase the brands we stock who demonstrably care for the environment. That is our ‘sustainability scheme’ and we believe in it.

We’ve been doing this a couple of years now and we select environmentally friendly brands that have a genuine story to tell. These are featured throughout our blog and we will continue to add more.

A prime example is John Smedley who can take the fibres from a knit to the sheep that produced the wool and every stage of its journey in between. You can also read directly on their site about their very genuine commitment to sustainability.

The clips are from their new summer 22 season and give a great feel for the light, beautifully made garments themselves. We are proud to be their largest menswear stockist in the south west.