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Milan Men’s Fashion Week: suits in shorts out no matter how hot

Milan Men’s Fashion Week: suits in shorts out no matter how hot

Milan Fashion Week Suits In -  Gabucci, Bath


GQ revealed some interesting fashion tips from Milan Fashion Week.

Suits are very much in, tailored and beautifully cut – no matter that the temperatures in Milan are currently 34 degrees, even hotter than Bath.

Shorts and sports influenced wear are much less prevalent amongst the front rows of the catwalks perhaps pointing to end of these trends.

Unfortunately male rompers are going to be rampant at Milan, well there may be a few making an appearance. We aren’t going to be stocking any at Gabucci but if you can’t miss this latest trend, we found this brilliant Kim Jong Un one in the states.




The Bond from Berlin – Roy Robson’s latest promo

We love this great take on Goldfinger by Roy Robson to promote Spring Summer 2017 suits.

‘In gold fever you can secure your chance on pure gold’ at least that’s what we think it means! What we do know is they are a great german fashion house who make superb suits. Founded in Berlin, they are now based in Lüneburg near Hamburg. They have a reputation for clothes that are very stylish and have a certain something that sets them apart.

We have a good stock in at the moment but as ever these suits tend to sell quickly, so visit us in Bath if you want to be seen as a very continental gentleman. Add a pair of our Richard James of Saville Row socks though for quality, style and absolute Britishness too, just in case.