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A bit about Gabucci

Ali explains about what is so different about Gabucci

Gabucci is all about colour and fit.


Everything we do at Gabucci is about making you look as good as possible. We source fabrics and choose patterns, trimmings and buttons to create our own distinctive short runs. These can be serious and sombre but much more often they are colourful and individual with delightful touches to make the clothes special. And because we tailor them in-house for fit, you know you will leave with the perfect fit.

If you would like to find out more, come and visit us if you can or if not use our contact form to get in touch or give us a call.

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Larger sizes for mens shirts in stock for Christmas at Gabucci, Bath

With Christmas coming we’ve stocked up on all our favourite shirts from Claudio Lugli, R2 and Giordano, and added XL, XXL sizes to all stock and XXXL and XXXXL to Claudio Lugli stock.

We are working hard to get these new sizes onto the web site for online orders but till that is complete, please call us for larger size orders or better still come to Bath for great shopping and visit Gabucci on Milsom Street, and see the shirts themselves and try on to find your perfect fit.

The new sizes that we are stocking are

  • XL Collar 17-17.5″ 42 – 44″ Chest
  • XXL Collar 18-18.5″ 46″ Chest
  • XXXL Collar 19-19.5″ 48″ Chest
  • XXXXL Collar 20-20.5″ 50″ Chest

Claudio Lugli shirts are already available online in XL and XXL

If you are looking large sizes in mens shirts for that perfect Christmas gift, come and visit us and find out why we are the best choice for stylish menswear and tailoring in Bath.

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Scarves for Winter in Bath

With winter coming and Bath quite a cold city, we thought we’d start to sell a few of our favourite scarves online, so if you’re in Edinburgh or Newcastle you can still feel the benefit.

If of course you are in the West Country, Bath is still the place to come for shopping and Gabucci on Milsom Street, is the best place in Bath to come.

Visit us also to see the latest suits and overcoats, jackets and accessories we have for the season, including some great gift ideas.

Come and visit us and find out why we are the best and most stylish menswear and tailoring shop in Bath.

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Winter in Bath suits you too

No need to travel to London, Rome or New York for your winter suits, Bath is the place to come and Gabucci on Milsom Street, is the best place in Bath to come.

Visit us to see the latest suits and overcoats, jackets and accessories. We’ve put together a quick gallery to tempt you with a small selection of the suits available.

You can also read about our tailoring services here, and see three videos about our bespoke shirts and suits.

And if you like one, with tailors on hand, we can have it fitted and ready for you within a few short hours. We’ve even managed to get alterations done over lunch for customers.

Come and visit us and find out why we are the best and most stylish menswear and tailoring shop in Bath.

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Roy Robson Winter 2019

Roy Robson Suits Autumn Winter 2019 - from Gabucci Menswear Bath

Another stylish production from Roy Robson showcasing their Autumn Winter collection. This label offers exceptional quality and flair with a very European style.

Lots of colour, attention to detail and stylish touches that make these clothes help the wearer stand out.

Visit Gabucci in Bath to discover more. Only available in store.

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John Smedley celebrates 235 years at British Wool Week

Wool Week runs 7th of October 2019 – 20th of October 2019

Wool Week 2019 is a very good opportunity to promote an environmental message about wool being a sustainable natural product with many ecological benefits.

John Smedley are promoting their use of only British wool in the manufacture of their garments. The British designer label is also introducing a new video talking about Alpaca and Guanaco fibres and features a farm in Devon who supply them.

For John Smedley being able to trace the fibres back to the individual animal and herd is at the root of ensuring traceability. This coupled with a desire for maximum sustainability underpins their approach to manufacture and responsible retail.

Values we hold strong here at Gabucci. You can visit us to see the range in Bath, or you purchase though us online as we offer the John Smedley range online.

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The Green Stitch – Van Gils sustainable collection

Van Gils feature their sustainable collection in joint video with Stella Era

Van Gils is another innovative fashion brand we stock here in Bath, who are concerned about quality and sustainability too. They already do everything they can be expected to do to reduce impact on the environment using the cleanest production methods and least environmentally damaging transport methods but they wanted to take it further, which is why they launched The Green Stitch, a new collection focussed on sustainable fabrics and materials with jackets made of recycled wool, and shirts from organic cotton. There are also eco-denim jeans and a variety of new innovative and sustainable products to come.

Van Gils also implement GOTS: the Global Organic Textile Standard. This is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibers, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain.

They can guarantee the fabrics used are organic and ecological and it aids greater transparency in the fashion industry.

This is becoming more important to our customers at Gabucci and it is important to be able to offer a high quality sustainable option as much as possible and to encourage customers pick garments made with organic wool, cotton and even recycled polyester.

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John Smedley Wool

Sustainable British Wool - Autumn Winter 2019 John Smedley - from Gabucci Menswear Bath

British wool, sustainability, traceability and reducing environmental impact are hugely important to the brand, so sourcing organic wool from known farmers is an essential part of the product development at John Smedley.

This video from John Smedley is about introducing the world’s finest fibres, starting with British wool.

John Smedley have been committed to sourcing the finest, noble fibres since 1784 and have now introduced their first British Wool collection, featuring Bluefaced Leicester sheep’s wool.

This soft, lustrous wool is one of the finest available in England, and sustainably farmed in Yorkshire, the fibres can be traced to the individual herds, ensuring traceability.

The fibre is then spun in Yorkshire by Laxtons’s Mill who have over 100 years experience in spinning, ensuring the highest quality fibre reaches the craftspeople at John Smedley in Lea Mills, Derbyshire.

British, iconic and sustainable.

It’s this attention to detail and passion for a product that makes our job at Gabucci here in Bath so special.

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John Smedley Autumn Winter 2019

Autumn Winter 2019 John Smedley - from Gabucci Menswear Bath

Described as a love letter to British manufacturing, John Smedley’s Autumn Winter 2019 Collection is inspired …

Taking inspiration from the 2000 film ‘In the Mood for Love’ by Wong Kar-Wai, the film’s highly stylised visuals have informed both the colour palette and the unique patterns developed for this season, with shades of vibrant reds and oranges juxtaposed against a stormy palette of deep blues, greys and purples.

Each colour story depicting the moods of the film such as love, loneliness, desire, yearning, and both the first stages of new love and the last stages of a lost love.

Patterns have been created using the film’s visual cues for yearning and desire such as a lone figure silhouetted within a window frame, a couple walking steps apart along long corridors and stealing glances across stairwells, these cues have been used as inspiration to create intricate jacquards that feature across both the men’s and womenswear collections.

New silhouettes have also been added, with elegance and outfit layering at their core, key pieces such as a double breasted jacket, signature fitted skirt and sleek bomber jackets all form a new focal point for the season’s collection.

The mood of the collection can be visualised through the fashion capsules or through the elevated and contemporary classic stripes, all of which have been designed to work alongside both fashion and the classics as a way to illustrate John Smedley’s ‘Mood for Love’ for the Autumn/Winter 19 season.

Shot on location in our home in Lea Mills. Derbyshire as our very own love letter to British manufacturing.