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Claudio Lugli at Gabucci

There are shirts and there are shirts, and then there are Claudio Lugli shirts.

Unique, full of colour and wit, beautifully made but not for shrinking violets.

These are shirts to announce you’ve arrived, they’re not subtle but they are sophisticated and we have the absolute pick of the collection every season.

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John Smedley knitwear at Gabucci

We are very proud to be associated with John Smedley and have the largest range of stock available to try in the West Country, here in Bath.

We also sell online and supply across the world. You can view our online range here.

If you would like to find out more, come and visit us if you can or if not use our contact form to get in touch or give us a call.

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Bath suits you

Bath is one of the best cities in the country to buy a good suit and not too surprisingly Gabucci is the best place in Bath to come.

We’ve put together a quick gallery to show a small selection of the suits we have available.

You can also read about our tailoring services here, and see three videos about our bespoke shirts and suits.

And if you like one, with tailors on hand, we can have it fitted and ready for you within a few short hours. We’ve even managed to get alterations done over lunch for customers.

Come and visit us and find out why we are the best and most stylish menswear and tailoring shop in Bath.

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Pantherella Video 2019

This video tells you about the way that Pantherella socks are made and what is so special about them.

As a brand they sum up a great deal about what is important to Gabucci and what runs through all the choices we make when we recommend menswear to our customers.

Fit, quality, comfort and a certain style. We want you to look good and to feel good. Comfort is important and that comes from the quality of the fabrics used, the knowledge and experience that goes into the design and the understanding of tailoring that we bring.

We take it very seriously, from the socks upwards.

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Roy Robson Spring Summer Video 2019

Another stylish introduction to the season video from Roy Robson.

It gives a great flavour of the clothes and shows how good design and tailoring help you stand out, and again shows how well mix and match can work to extend your wardrobe.

The suits are beautifully made with a true continental style.

Visit us in the Bath store on Milsom Street and try a couple on.

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John Smedley Spring Summer Video 2019 part 2

Part two sees our lovely couple move away from the beach, he even takes a bath …. instead of course he could have come to Bath and chosen from the full range of beautiful and warm colours available in the range.

In truth, we do really like these videos and understand how important it is for an iconic brand to convey what is really special about the clothes. You do feel good wearing them and the quality is fantastic; genuine British craftsmanship. The fit, the feel, the comfort are very special.

Whether you know and love John Smedley products, or we’ve whetted your appetite to try some, we have the largest range available in the West Country for you to see and try here in Bath.

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Video for John Smedley 2019

John Smedley produce the most exquisite merino wool, cashmere and sea island cotton garments and we are one of the few stockists in the country.

The video probably wasn’t shot near Bath or Bristol, maybe Bristol Beach at Cape Cod though, and we might not recommend you dress top to tail in white merino but it does look good and it does convey that special feeling you get from wearing John Smedley.

We sell online and in store and always keep a large stock available at our store in Milsom Street, Bath.

Range includes – t shirts, long and short sleeve polo shirts, cardigans and pullovers.

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Digel Spring Summer 2019

Digel menswear Spring Summer 2019 is superb. It is easy to mix and match and helps you create a stunning wardrobe of classic and stylish clothes you can easily personalise with colourful, distinctive elements such as the contrasting waistcoat above.

Visit us in Milsom Street in Bath to try some of the collection, we think you will be very impressed.

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John White shoes now available online

lace-up-boots - John White Shoes - from Gabucci Menswear Bath

We are really pleased to announce that we are now able to supply John White shoes and boots online as well as in store, and we are able to offer pretty much the full range.

tay-2 John White Shoes - from Gabucci Menswear Bath


The choice and quality is superb so feast your eyes on our shoes and boots categories above, and then treat your feet – they will thank you!

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Digel Mix and Match Video AW2018

Digel 2018 AW preview - from Gabucci Menswear Bath

Digel Mix and Match Autumn Winter Video 2018

The ability to mix and match clothes individually or within a collection allows much greater flexibility from your clothes. It’s a simple concept often spoken about in women’s fashion to create a ‘capsule wardrobe’ from which everything else works to either complement or accessorise, to give a number of different looks.

Well it’s really no different for men. And it has several advantages from saving money to making packing easier, and just planning what to wear simpler.

At Gabucci it’s a principle we value and often advise on but Digel have gone a step further to help by producing this video which simply shows their collection being mixed and used creatively in different ways. It’s great and will hopefully provide inspiration.