Environmentally friendly garments

Sustainable fashion from Gabucci Bath

This could be entitled more environmentally friendly garments as we keep increasing the number of labels committed to being environmentally responsible, using recycled fibres and cutting energy usage. We’ve talked about John Smedley in previous posts about traceability with British Wool but we’d like to introduce a new range of bamboo socks and tell you […]

Pantherella Video 2019

This video tells you about the way that Pantherella socks are made and what is so special about them. As a brand they sum up a great deal about what is important to Gabucci and what runs through all the choices we make when we recommend menswear to our customers. Fit, quality, comfort and a […]

Pantherella socks now available online!

Pantherella Socks from Gabucci Menswear Bath

Pantherella socks now available online!   We are really pleased to announce that you can now buy Pantherella luxurious English socks online here We’ve only added a few for now and there are many more to see in store but we have selected some of our favourite designs for you to choose from if you […]

Paris Men’s Fashion Week – shorts are back!

Paris Fashion Week Socks In - Gabucci, Bath

Paris Men’s Fashion Week – shorts are back! Statement socks thankfully are still in. Just a week after Milan where we learnt shorts were out and that smart tailored suits were the summer style, the French have confounded everything and thrown runways full of shorts at us – and not just shorts, we have shorts […]

The Statement Sock

Pantherella - Gabucci Menswear Bath

The Statement Sock   The Guardian has an article in it today about the men’s fashion microtrend for statement socks – far better than ‘mankles’, the trendy term for wearing shoes with no socks, a statement socks actually says something positive about you. It allows you to express something of your true personality through a […]

Pantherella socks – the choice of the celebrity

Pantherella - Gabucci Menswear Bath

  Socks are, well very personal, they say a lot about you and they also make a great deal of difference to your comfort through a busy day. We stock them here in Bath and we love them – but then we’re not alone. Seems Colin Firth, Brandon Flowers, Donald Sutherland, Kenneth Branagh, Terence Stamp, Jeremy […]