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Part 3 – trousers

The video below is the third of the three and talks about trousers, mix and match and also our alteration services.


To see the first video in the series which is about shirts, you can click here. The link also takes you to a page with more written information on the services we provide.

To see the second about suits, you can click here.

Transcript of video below

We do the smart trousers. We do linen trousers this time of year. You could have them as a three-piece suit or the jacket and the waistcoat or the trousers separate. So you could split them.

I make a nice collection of cotton trousers. And in the winter, we do the flannels or the corduroys. So we always got a good collection.

Again, the alteration service is here. So if it need to be shorten or lengthen, it could be done within a couple hours. By the time you have a cup of coffee, come back. It’s been done.