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At Gabucci we really do want to provide something very special in terms of service and quality of products.

We stock some very well known labels including John Smedley and Claudio Lugli and are one of the few suppliers of each outside of the famous London department stores.

But we also supply a fabulous range of suits and shirts made for us from the finest fabrics by traditional, European fashion houses.

The video below is in three parts and talks about the shirts we have, the suits and finally trousers. We also talk about our tailoring services and how we are set up to make quick alterations as needed or more complex fittings.


Because our suits and shirts are made in tiny numbers, usually less than 10 of each, and to our design and specification, you can be pretty certain no one else is likely to be wearing the same.

And as with our own tailors, we ensure the fit is perfect, a suit you buy from us isn’t that far from a genuine made to measure suit and almost as exclusive, though rather more affordable.

The next video in the series talks about suits and fabrics and how we are able to create small numbers of very individual suits.

The final video in the series talks about trousers, mix and match and our alteration services.